Our business

The Vannerie-Nouvelle Aubry-Gaspard company is a french wholesale distributor of basketry, furniture, garden and home decor. With over 100 years experience and trust-based relationships with Asia, Europe and Africa suppliers, Aubry-Gaspard offers all guarantees of seriousness and reliability in international trade of its products. Distribution is exclusively reserved for professionals.

A wide range of natural and trendy products

The products marketed by Aubry-Gaspard are mostly manufactured overseas, in natural materials such as wicker, bamboo, wood, and much more. Deco or basketry, the range consists of all these objects related to activities of daily life, or festive and important events that punctuate our lives : Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day and Father's Day, Christmas... The variety and quality of its offer are provided by suppliers in the four corners of the world, and by the strength relations between them and the management team from father to son for three quarters of a century.

Optimal storage and shipping management

Being able to respond quickly and fully to customer needs has always been a priority for Aubry-Gaspard. The purchasing teams ensure that the majority of products in the catalog is available in 50,000 m² of warehouses located in Baccarat, France. These important areas also ensure its customers a controlled management of their own stocks. Logistics processes were optimized to establish a direct link with all French and European areas. Being close to its customers is a priority for Aubry-Gaspard, whatever the distance !

Proactivity of the sales force

The sales team has the mission to ensure that client requests are met quickly and efficiently, and it's commited to anticipate customer expectations. Thanks to a powerful embedded computer tool, new products are daily updated and offered in preview to our customers. The sales department can help clients and prospects to create product ranges for the general public. How to display products to keep up with the new trends ? What products must be offered at certain times of the year ? All questions asked by professionals who market basketry and decoration items can be answered by Aubry-Gaspard sales team.