Who we are

Aubry-Gaspard is a 5-generation family business. By its creation in 1920, the craft company was specialized in the willow harvest, in Glonville, France. In 1935, the activity extended to the regional trading of utility baskets, made on site.

In 1947, the company officially changed its name to Aubry-Gaspard. The first purchases in Eastern Europe started in 1962 and, seven years later, Aubry-Gaspard took over the Vannerie Nouvelle company, located in Paris. The names of the two companies still appear together in the current logo.


The year 1970 marked an important turning point with, on the one hand, the first purchases in China, and on the second hand, the establishment of the company in Baccarat. This new location allowed the company to extend the storage capacity through the purchase and processing of several barrack rooms around there.


Another major turning point in 1988 : Vannerie Nouvelle moved to Créteil, on a 5000m2 land, while in Baccarat, a logistics platform was implemented. Then, the company continued to grow, so much so that in 2002 the authorized capital increased to € 3,000,000. A year later, the headquarters were moved to 22 rue du XXème Bataillon, in Baccarat, and a 700m2 showroom was created.

The expansions of the company for 100 years has not prevented Aubry-Gaspard to remain true to the values that led to its creation... customer listening and respect, responsiveness, efficiency : through generations and years, the company is still true to its reputation for professionalism and reliability in the world of basketry, furniture and decor.